Hi there! My name is Adrianna Gass.

For the past decade, my love towards photography has grown. From meeting new clients to planning every single tiny detail for an upcoming session, I look forward to capturing your most delicate and timeless moments. I am passionate to tell a story with the photos we create together. I want you to re feel all of your emotions when you look at your images. I want to show you your beautiful story; the one that I see through my lens. Let me capture YOU, the real you, in this exact moment in time, because moments like these are what makes our souls live longer.

Let's be honest, I am not very good at writing an autobiography so enjoy these summarized fun facts about me!

I am Nebraska born, raised and living; the youngest of 4. My parents tell me I am 31, I do not believe them. I am a loving wife to Jordan going on 6  years. A sweet boy named Everett has called me mama for two years now. I am a fur-mom to 4 and I have expectations of owning a petting zoo in my future. All animals are always welcome in my house and in my studio.  If I was allowed, I would paint everything I own white. I am a night owl, movie crazed, junk food tester. I like my music too loud and my quiets to be pin dropping silent. I like traveling, but dislike the trip there on most occasions just as my husband. I would rather stand if I have a choice. I leave the ac/heat at 60 year round because hot cannot be fixed and cold can. I can navigate a good awkward situation. I am a creative weirdo and that is just fine with me!

xo,  Adri

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